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I don't normally write reviews but I feel compelled to POSITIVELY respond to the reviews on Suncoast Braces.The negativity posted below is absurd and is related to payment and insurance companies not holding up their end.

What is not being posted is how well their child has made improvement on teeth becoming straight and being on schedule. Notice there isn't a negative remark about how well the patient has improved short, there can't be a negative remark about treatment since Dr. Robert Sheridan (or the care of his staff) since he is an amazing, caring orthodontist. I have personally seen this man give generously and donate his time to the community (Crescent Dental Clinic).

He has also given several orthodontic "pro bono" cases at his one location in Spring Hill (that is, free orthodontic care to children being made fun of at school yet the parent could not afford treatment, so he is working on those patient's at no cost for a two year period). On the other hand, Suncoast Braces has the best and reasonable fees in the Spring Hill area - check it out if you don't believe me by obtaining a free consult and/or a second opinion. There's a saying "Insurance is great, except when you need it." The parent is responsible for their insurance, its a contract between the parent and the insurance company. Some insurance companies are good, some not so hot.

I use to be an insurance manager at a dental office (not orthodontic) in Brooksville. I also use to be an office manager (not at Suncoast Braces) and work as an Oral Surgery Assistant in Palm Harbor, Fl. Based on my experience, the attack below is payment/insurance related and quite transparent. But I want to get the truth out about a great Orthodontic office - Suncoast Braces that I feel is one of the best medical offices, forget Orthodontic, in the Tampa area.

The staff is caring, hilarious and professional. I have personally witnessed a happy, upbeat office that is professional and clean and MOST importantly takes my child's oral health very seriously and lucked out of all places near my house in Spring Hill. All medical offices have changes in insurance policies - that the nature of insurance companies. I believe this office has handled it accordingly...

I don't expect my child's services for free and stand behind Suncoast braces, staff and fees - as being above exception treatment but less than average orthodontic fees.If you are doing your research on this office, I certainly would go by word of mouth from those in the community.

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Brooksville, Florida, United States #868289

Let me start with I had 11 children being treated by Suncoast Braces, and I am very sad to say because of Insurance issues I had to change orthodontist not by my choice, Dr.Sheridan and his staff were wonderful with my children and the year and a half that my children were treated by him has done wonders with their teeth, he made sure he could work the schedule that I could bring all the kids at the same day and with 1 of the children which does not have insurance he worked with us, he is an amazing person, he cares about is patients and it's not about the money for him but on the other hand he does run a business and if he don't get paid nobody would have a job and he could not keep his office open, you can't please everybody.....I have been in Management for 30 years and have learned you treat your customers well and they will treat you well, but then you have the few that just isn't happy no matter what.

so just move on to the customers that appreciate you and stand by change was due to insurance only that Dr. Sheridan was not paid for the services he performed on 10 of my children but did not leave me just hanging and freaking out what I was going to do, he still treated my kids for 3 months after the insurance folded.

I would personally recommend Suncoast Braces to anyone seeking Ortho work.Nora Giorgio, Brooksville FL

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